Ways to Earn

1. Compete for top leaderboard prizes

Requires some FGL token investment. High risk, high reward.
In order to compete for top prizes, you should try to max level your rank, get a strong combination of traits and try to push the encounter with the highest difficulty for max rewards. Why would this be a good route to go? Players who finish high up in the standings will receive rewards for their high placements.

2. Rank as high as possible with low investment

Medium Risk, Medium Reward. Fight in encounters, collect virtual gears, increase your Credit balance by selling virtual items you obtain. Once you have some extra Credits, try upgrading your rank and roll some traits to help you clear the encounter faster. Slowly improve your leaderboard ranking and try to complete a harder encounter whenever you feel comfortable with the basics of the game.

3. For the fun of gaming

Low risk, low reward. Fighting in free or low cost encounters will provide slow and steady FGL income.

4. Gear Minting

You can use both missions and encounters to find gears, which you can work on collecting enough in order to mint an NFT version(s). Building up your NFT archive can be one method of play.

5. Robot Minting

Robots will be plentiful so they may not be overly valuable. But they do a lot of slow and steady work and keep your empire humming along. Minting robots to either add to your empire or to sell to others can be an additional strategy.

6. Item Farming

Farm virtual gears or robot artifacts and sell them on the black market, submit your hard earned credits to the FBX to exchange them into FGL tokens every day.

7. Challenges

Complete challenges to earn up to 29,375 FGL tokens! You'll earn different rarity of badges. These badges give bonuses to your empire, they're tradable and are unique to each season.

8. Selling virtual items

You can amass and sell virtual items to earn credits. This can be a slow and steady way to increase your token income.

9. Compete for rewards on weeklies or events

Weeklies and other short events will let you learn sizeable rewards with smaller amounts of effort. Check out the OT discord for all the fine details and timing on when events will be available!