Space Stations

Space Stations are the most valuable item in the game. Only 50 will ever be minted and they will all be in NFT form. They will produce daily income for the owner as long as you own the NFT. Space stations will bring in two different forms of rewards.
1 - A share of the total FGL inflow from the game each day (payouts in FGL).
  • Space Station owners will be able to claim their FGL daily
  • 50% of the daily FGL profits from Outlaw Troopers will be split between the space station owners
2 – 10% discount minting fee of gear/robot/etc NFTS if you have enough to upgrade virtual items to NFT(s).
The more income the game brings in the more stations will make during that day. In order to take advantage of the NFT minting discount a Space Station owner will need to play the game a decent bit during a month in order to save enough virtual items to perform a NFT mint.

Rarity Differences

Station allotment % of total daily FGL inflow
Rare - 85%
Epic - 100%
Legendary - 115%
The higher the rarity of land the more FGL income it will produce!