Initial Pack Drops and NFTs

Trooper Packs

Each pack contains 5 random Troopers. Here’s a list of all available Troopers

Gear Packs

Most gears in the game will be of the virtual variety. Virtual gears will be wiped at the end of each season to allow new players to compete on a more level playing field. However, epic and legendary level gears will be sold in packs. These gears can be used in the game, even at the start of a new season! Each gear pack contains 3 gears. Rarities are either Epic or Legendary.

Space Station Packs

Space stations are the most valuable items in the game. All space stations will be NFTs. There will never be additional stations minted. 50 total station packs will be minted. They will each contain 1 station. 45 will be minted as packs for sale. 5 are reserved for the original land owners of the CW Verse game mode.

Space stations will only be 3 rarities. Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Pack rarity breakdowns are as follows:

See Space Stations for rarity differences.

Encounter Key Packs

Encounter Key packs contain one (1) Encounter Pass. This can be used once per calendar day as long as you own the NFT. It will reward you with one encounter key each day, and when you use this key, you will get a 10% discount off of the encounter fee. There are no rarity differences - all encounter passes are of epic rarity.

Pack Sale Details

There’ll only be one pack sale for Outlaw Troopers! Having only a one-time pregame launch pack sale will help to keep scarcity at a reasonable level. No more space station packs or Encounter passes will ever be sold after the initial pack drop. FGL/Outlaw Troopers may need to sell additional Troopers in the future to meet demand. FGL/Outlaw Troopers may produce more Trooper Promo Packs if there is need. However, keeping the trooper count scarce is the main goal to retain value. Number of circulating Troopers will largely only be increased via seasonal ladder prizes.

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