Outlaw Troopers is an NFT and Virtual item based collecting game on the WAX Blockchain. The most valuable items in the game such as Troopers, Space Stations (Land), and Encounter Passes will be in NFT form. Many of the smaller and faster moving elements will be virtual (aka temporary), and reset each ladder season. The FGL token, which is used across all current + future FGL WAX games, is the main currency in the game.

Send your Troopers into battle via Encounters to earn FGL token. You can also send your Troopers on Missions and earn in-game credits, virtual gears, and virtual ore. Completing Encounters will gain you reputation to rank up on the leaderboard - allowing you to win big prizes. Prizes may include things such as troopers, gears, FGL token, and ships.

Outlaw Troopers requires a WAX Cloud Wallet or an Anchor Wallet account with at least 1 Trooper NFT and at least one Ship (NFT or virtual).

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