Game Currencies and Economy

FGL Token (WAXP blockchain token)

FGL tokens will be required for entry fee for encounters, rerolling Empire traits, minting NFTs, and possible future uses in seasonal expansions. See FGL Whitepaper for more info on the FGL token.

Credits (Virtual, non-blockchain in-game currency)

Credits are the main currency when performing missions in Outlaw Troopers. Credits can also be submitted to the FGL exchange where they can be converted into FGL token.
You can use in-game credits to purchase gears on the virtual marketplace. You can also acquire Ocurium (another in-game resource) which is used to upgrade your existing gears into the next rarity tier. You can also buy temporary ships and a host of other virtual items in the game store.
Most of the time, ladder rankings will be sorted according to the amount of reputation one has earned during a season/ladder from winning encounters.
Important: ALL Credits will be wiped after a ladder ends!


Encounter Entry Fee

Main FGL token use comes from paying an entry fee for an encounter.
In order to rank well on the leaderboard, players are recommended to try and complete higher tier (harder) encounters.

Leveling Up

Players will level up their empire by playing encounters. As you play more and more you will gain more and more reputation. Leveling will be largely used for gear limitations and for leaderboard rankings.

Empire Skill Trait(s)

Your Empire can have random traits that make it more efficient. The skill traits are random. You have the option of rerolling to bring in new skill traits.
Rank and traits are wiped after each season, meaning players will have to repeat the process of rerolling in order to stay competitive and find an optimal build.

Virtual Economy

The main game ladder will reset every month, all virtual items and Credits will be wiped, and players will start fresh and compete in a new economy. All NFTs such as Troopers, Space Stations, Encounter Passes, and gears will remain intact.
Reason for reset: Lowers the entry point for new players. A game completely dominated by the oldest players or deepest wallets usually does not last very long as most new players do not enjoy the experience.